How It All Began

Katie Pearson Fucci, Founder & CEO

When I was started my plastic-free journey I was working at National Geographic and I saw the devastation plastic had on our planet. However, when I decided to make the switch, I felt that all of the products were unexciting, and needed an instruction manual to figure out. As a response, I created Parrotfish – making your sustainable swap easy with our refillable plastic free, palm-oil free, personal-care products that refill into beautiful artisanal accessories. 

I knew that I did not want just any "holier-than-thou," plastic-free company. Parrotfish ended up being the nexus of all that I love, which is art, the environment and having a positive impact on this world! It gives you the ability to ditch your branded plastic bottles and showcase a handmade bar that will bring some conservation and color into your routine.

After learning of my venture, my sister-in-law, Brittany, was eager to join and quickly learned to make body bars, salt scrubs and much more. She is innovative and loves learning about the science behind the beauty. As a kick-ass mother of 2 boys, Brittany cares about the ingredients that go into the products she makes. You can rest assured that every product sold is both planet, and mother approved! 

Parrotfish creates their own products, as well as showcasing independent makers around the country. We want you to experience the beauty and joy our handmade, plastic-free products will bring to your personal-care routine, and join us in the movement that will change the world.