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Our Story

Katie Pearson Fucci, Founder & CEO

I started my plastic-free journey while working at National Geographic after seeing how it was devastating the planet and often taken for granted as a staple of our everyday lives. Upon making the plastic switch, none of the products excited me, or they needed an instruction manual to figure out. So, I decided to do something about it. Between working full-time during the day and obtaining my master's from Georgetown University at night, I created Parrotfish, which is the nexus of everything I was looking for at the beginning of my plastic-free journey: artistry, the environment, clean ingredients, self-care, and having a positive impact on the world!

It didn't take long for my journey toward more sustainable personal care to start resonating with the people closest to me. Initially, I was looking into purchasing all of Parrotfish's products from other companies. However, my sister-in-law had an opinion on each product we sampled – they either weren't sudsy enough, they didn't moisturize her skin, or the color would run. When I told her to make something better, she did.

Brittany was eager to join the cause and spent two years in R&D, learning to craft delectable body bars, coffee scrubs, and much more to support a now-growing movement. Combining hand-picked, plant-based ingredients, including argan and peppermint oil, our shampoo and conditioner bars give your hair new life with a silky smooth finish and lustrous shine. Parrotfish's revitalizing soaps create a scrumptious, skin-loving, spa-worthy lather. They are naturally dyed and infused with ingredients such as turmeric, spinach powder, sweet orange essential oil, shea butter, and apple cider vinegar. Plus, you'll remove single-use plastic from your shower and reduce the water used in your self-care routine.

Currently, Parrotfish carries sustainable, zero-waste, plastic-free, palm-oil-free, restorative shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars for a healthier you and a healthier planet. We also sell accessories from independent makers. 

Just as the parrotfish is essential to the health of coral reefs, our goal is to foster a community that makes choices to better the world that all organisms inhabit, starting with personal care.