Katie Pearson at a Craft Fair for Parrotfish
Katie Pearson Fucci, Founder & CEO

I began my journey toward eliminating plastic while working at National Geographic. I witnessed plastic's devastation to the planet and how it was often overlooked as an essential part of daily life. Although I wanted to switch to plastic-free products, I wasn't particularly excited about any of the products on the market, and the shampoo bars I found required a lengthy adjustment period. After a failed attempt to become an intrapreneur at National Geographic, I explored other opportunities. That's how I landed at Georgetown University, where I developed the idea for Parrotfish and participated in various pitch competitions. Despite working full-time during the day and pursuing a master's degree at Georgetown University at night, I worked hard at launching Parrotfish. It encompasses everything I sought at the beginning of my plastic-free journey: creativity, the environment, clean ingredients, self-care, and a positive impact on the world! Every aspect of the brand reflects my passion, from the thoughtfully chosen ingredients to the artistic presentation of each product. The shampoo bars are formulated with Sodium Coco Sulfate, a mild sulfate safe for chemically treated hair and approved by the Environmental Working Group. This ingredient helps transition from liquid to bar shampoo easily for Parrotfish customers and is perfect for daily use. By shopping with Parrotfish, customers support a small business's vision, mission, and commitment to positively impacting the world. Just as the parrotfish is essential to the health of coral reefs, our goal is to foster a community that makes choices to better the world that all organisms inhabit, starting with personal care.