• Introducing - Shower Steamers

    Introducing - Shower Steamers

    A shower steamer is a bath bomb for your shower, releasing aroma as it's activated by water. Simply place your steamer in the shower where you're sure water will hit it, and let it do its thing.
  • The Soap Dish Dependency

    The Soap Dish Dependency

    A soap dish is a necessity because it prevents bar soap from becoming waterlogged and soggy. A good soap dish will lift the soap enough to provide airflow and allow excess moisture to drip away completely, preserving your soap bar.
  • Men's Favorite 3-in-1 Shampoo Bar

    Men's Favorite 3-in-1 Shampoo Bar

    My husband tried Parrotfish's Rosemary Apple Cider bar to wash his hair, face, and body. He immediately fell in love – claiming this product as his new favorite hair and skin product. Because of his love of this 3-in-1 bar, he brought it to his squadron. Now, his entire unit is hooked.
  • Are Shampoo Bars Safe for Colored Hair?

    Are Shampoo Bars Safe for Colored Hair?

    Our shampoo bar contain sulfates, the cleaning agent known to make your shampoo sudsy and remove grime – but they will also reduce the longevity of color in the hair. However, we use a less harsh sulfate to make our bars lather to give you the best of both worlds without harshly stripping your color. TL;DR – Yes!
  • Self Care, One of the Internet's Favorite Buzzwords

    Self Care, One of the Internet's Favorite Buzzwords

    Women have far too long been the target of marketing to fix anything from their outer appearance to their inner wellbeing. Recently, self care has become a buzzword word tossed around to fix all your problems, but in all reality, if you're suffering from anxiety or depression, a nice long shower isn't going to solve anything.

  • Synthetic vs. Natural Shampoo Bars

    Safe-Synthetic vs. All-Natural Shampoo Bars

    When you enter the world of shampoo bars, it might be hard for you to make your decision on your first shampoo bar. What's the difference between these bars anyway!?