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"After hitting Erewhon last year, when it won a Beacon Award for sustainability, plastic-free haircare and body care brand Parrotfish, natural grocer reach has grown."

- Beauty Independent

  • Best Shampoo Bar Overall

    Parrotfish's Argan Shampoo Bar wins the spot for best shampoo bar due to its ability to hydrate and heal several hair types. The concentrated shampoo prevents frizz and breakage in addition to boosting shine. Even better, it's made without palm oil, which is a significant player in deforestation.

  • I Replaced My Fancy Body Wash With This $10 Charcoal Soap Bar, and My Body Acne Is G-O-N-E

    Recently, I decided to move my complexion-care dedication south of my shoulders, and replaced my lackluster body wash with Parrotfish Lavender Teak Soap Bar ($10). And not only has it squashed my body acne, but it's completely changed the texture of my once dull skin.

  • 21 Selfcare Ideas To Benefit Your Body & Your Sanity

    Taking time for yourself is one of the most important aspects of selfcare.Transform your daily shower routine, yet again, with Parrotfish’s Shower Steamers – as this is one of our most popular selfcare ideas!

  • The Coolest Bars in Town — Waterless Specials Coming Through

    If oily skin is your main concern, along with the first signs of aging, this Parrotfish Lavender Teak bar is an activated charcoal-infused face and body soap that will draw impurities and dirt from the skin.

  • Parrotfish Convinced Me to Ditch My Plastic Shampoo and Conditioner, And I’m Never Looking Back

    Parrotfish is the adorable, efficacious new collection of plastic-free shower products that are better for the planet and your body. These solid hair washes skip out on the plastic completely, promising all the benefits of traditional shampoo and conditioner, without the waste.

  • 24 Products That Turn Your Bathroom Into A Stay-At-Home Spa

    Spa days are aluxury, which means they might not fit into the average person’smonthly budget, deserved or otherwise. The good news is that many aspects of spa days— relaxing aromas,dewy complexions, cozy textures, soothing decor— are attainable at home for much less. The fastest highway to elevated stay-at-home heaven starts with a cool, calm, and collected bathroom. 

  • I Feel So Seen By TikTok's "Everything Shower" Trend

    Saturday’s are my cleaning days. I always start the day by putting away the dishes, stripping my bed, and getting ready to deep-clean my entire apartment. At the end of the day, I feel sweaty and gross, a pretty stark contrast to what I’ve just done to my house. It's why I've been ending my cleaning days with an "everything shower" for years.

  • 12 Shower Steamers That Will Make Your Daily Shower Feel Luxurious

    If you've felt left out of the bath bomb trend, shower steamers are going to be your new favorite product. Not having a bathtub or not being a "bath person" doesn't matter to these little pucks that need very little water to release their wonderful fragrance throughout your entire shower. You simply drop yours on the floor, out of the direct stream of water, and let the shower steamer do the rest.

  • The 65 Best Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts of 2023

    We truly can’t think of a situation when it isn’t appropriate to give someone a beauty gift. Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. And with so many great beauty choices out there, this is also a choice time to pick-up a little something for yourself too. It’s called self-love.

  • How To Celebrate Valentine's Day On A Limited Budget

    Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year. On this special day, loved ones from around the world express their love with chocolates, teddy bears, and other sweet tokens of affection. But let’s face it, Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t always cheap. And spending lots of money on romantic gifts and excursions just isn’t doable for a lot of people.

  • If You’re Flying, Pack These Full-Sized Beauty Products That Won’t Get Flagged by TSA

    Before you reach for those annoying, tiny travel bottles, consider stocking up on these full-sized beauty product that will get you through airport security in a breeze. Below, we've rounded up our favorite serum capsules, shampoo bars, and solid body washes—all up to TSA's standards.

  • 12 Sustainable Wellness Gifts This Holiday Season

    Sustainability isn’t just a trend. These days, we want to know that our money is going toward a responsible, ethical cause. So no matter who’s on your nice list this year, these sustainable wellness products are likely to fit their needs—and their values.

  • Is Palm Oil in Your Favorite Skincare Products? Shop Palm Oil–Free Products

    I think it's safe to say that we're all interested in becoming more informed and sustainably minded consumers. Sure, we love our beauty routines and all of the products that compose them, but we don't want them to come at the cost of the environment or our well-being. So, what can we do?

  • The 50 Best Gifts for Wives of 2023

    There’s arguably no one more important on your shopping list than your wife. And there are definitely a few important things to consider when choosing something that’s special enough for someone so special in your life. Obviously you want it to be something she’ll love, though perhaps wouldn’t treat herself to, and something she’ll actually use or wear.

  • Tinsel Town: LAMag’s Impeccably Curated Holiday Gift Guide

    LAMag’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring home goods, food and drink, gear, and fashion. We scoured the city, not once but twice, and found perfect gifts for those naughty and nice

  • The Best Beauty Launches of September

    Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen,these are our favorite new products, which we recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

  • All of the Self-Care Goodies You Could Need This Fall

    When the seasons change — crisp air and fall foliage has definitely arrived — I often feel the urge to upgrade my usual routines with some helpful tools and accessories to make the time of year feel softer. And, to put it simply: It feels good to feel good.

  • Foolproof Gifts for In-Laws, Grandparents and Other Relatives

    Family get-togethers over the holidays aren’t always smooth sailing. So we’re nipping one major anxiety source in the bud and helping you find the best presents for all your relatives — including your cool Gen Z cousin, your hard-to-please in-laws, your beloved grandparents, and more.

  • 62 Best Stocking Stuffers She Might Just Love More Than Her Presents This Year

    The trick is finding a good balance of fun, affordable, gifts she won't immediately throw away after pretending to love them, and one or two luxurious presents that'll be like the cherry on top come Christmas morning.

  • Best Hanukkah Gifts 2022: 80 Thoughtful Ideas For Everyone On Your List

    There are, indeed, 8 crazy nights and for those not familiar with the holiday, there may be questions: Are you supposed to buy gifts for every single night  — or just one, big gift to encompass all eight nights? Are the gifts supposed to be Hanukkah-related (i.e. dreidels, menorahs, etc.) or does anything go?

  • The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Friend With A Million New Year’s Resolutions

    That time of year is here — when one’s mind starts thinking about the New Year and the changes they’ll be making. And we all have that pal who starts early in compiling a laundry list of resolutions a mile long.

  • 30 Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Everyone on Your List

    Easily forgotten and often overlooked, stocking stuffers are a fun part of the holiday celebrations. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for adults or stocking stuffer ideas for her, here are some of the best stocking stuffers ever.

  • Parrotfish Launched New All Natural, Essential Oil-infused Shower Steamer

    Zero-waste self-care brand Parrotfish recently launched new all-natural, essential oil-infused Shower Steamers. The new offering is available in three functional scents - Eucalyptus tea tree, Chamomile blossom, and Pomelo posy.

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Shop $20 & Under Gifts

    Looking for a holiday gift guide featuringcute gifts that are $20 and under? 21Ninety’s got you covered with all your favorite inexpensive gifts! The holiday season is the perfect time to show your appreciation for those closest to you.