• Palm Oil Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Plastic Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Vegan

  • Naturally Dyed

  • "Parrotfish's Argan Shampoo Bar wins the spot for best shampoo bar due to its ability to hydrate and heal several hair types."

  • "I like to set the scene with things that soothe me for a spa-like evening and throw in a shower steamer or two, I like Parrotfish's Shower Steamers."

  • "Parrotfish shampoo bars convinced me to ditch my plastic shampoo and conditioner, and I’m never looking back."

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Transform your self-care with Parrotfish's eco-friendly essentials. Try our premium Argan Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, enriched with argan oil, which suit all hair types. Alternatively, embrace sustainable self-care with soap bars such as Lemon Lychee, Lavender Teak, or Coffee Clementine Exfoliant. Complete your routine with shower steamers—Eucalyptus Tea Tree and Chamomile Blossom—offering spa-like indulgence and well-being.

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  • argan shampoo & conditioner

    Hair Care

    Elevate your hair care with our eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars for all hair types. Discover our bars enriched with nourishing argan oil, toning violet or opt for our clarifying peppermint bars. Both are ideal for daily use and safe for chemically treated hair. Experience sustainable and rejuvenating hair care.

  • Body Care

    Indulge in sustainable self-care with Parrotfish's premium soap bars. Try Lemon Lychee or Lavender Teak soap bars, or our refreshing Coffee Clementine exfoliant for silky-smooth skin. Our eco-friendly products reduce single-use plastics, making your routine guilt-free and eco-conscious.

  • Shower Steamer Bundle

    Self Care

    Elevate self-care with our shower steamers - Eucalyptus Tea Tree or Chamomile Blossom. Invigorate with eucalyptus and tea tree or relax with chamomile and lavender. Thoughtfully crafted for gradual release of therapeutic vapors, these steamers create a spa-like experience.

  • total care bundle - Parrotfish


    Indulging in some retail therapy or shopping for a gift? Explore our bundles for maximum savings with 20% off. Feel good about sparing your wallet and the planet with sustainable options like shower steamers, shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars—or consider giving a gift card.

Add An Accessory

Elevate your self-care with Parrotfish's eco-friendly accessories. Explore our sustainable shower poufs, soap dishes, savers, combs, and more. Crafted for eco-conscious living, our accessories enhance daily rituals with minimal environmental impact. From natural loofahs for gentle exfoliation to soap savers that prolong bar life, these essentials blend sustainability with self-care.

  • coconut coir soap saver - Parrotfish
    coconut coir soap saver (2)

    coconut coir soap saver (2)


    Regular price $6.20
  • Wooden Soap Dish
    wooden soap dish

    wooden soap dish

    Howells Wood Products

    Regular price $8.00
  • concrete soap dish - Parrotfish
    concrete soap dish - Parrotfish
    concrete soap dish

    concrete soap dish


    Regular price $22.00
  • Soap Saver Pouch
    Soap Saver Pouch
    soap saver pouch

    soap saver pouch

    Well Beings

    Regular price $6.75
  • Shower Pouf
    Shower Pouf
    cotton shower pouf

    cotton shower pouf

    Well Beings

    Regular price $12.50
  • Glass Jar with Wooden Lid
    Glass Jar with Wooden Lid
    glass jar with maple wood lid

    glass jar with maple wood lid

    Lucca Laser Workshop

    Regular price $20.00
  • duet comb - Parrotfish
    duet comb - Parrotfish
    duet comb

    duet comb

    Fenna & Fei

    Regular price $20.00

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Experience Clean Ingredients

Our soap's olive oil base is enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil for a rich, gentle, nourishing care and conditioning lather, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Explore captivating scents like lavender, grapefruit, and bergamot for skin benefits and sensory delight. Colored naturally with spinach powder, rose clay, and activated charcoal, our bars promise vibrant hues for an elevated experience.

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Meet the Founder of Parrotfish

Parrotfish was inspired by her plastic-free journey during her time as a graphic designer at National Geographic. When I decided to embrace a plastic-free lifestyle, I encountered the challenge of a prolonged adjustment period with many shampoo bars on the market. In response, I established Parrotfish, blending my passion for artistry, environmental consciousness, clean ingredients, and self-care to craft a distinctive and meaningful experience for others. A central focus was ensuring that transitioning from a liquid product to a bar was always seamless. Sustainability is the cornerstone of Parrotfish's brand identity, reflected in my dedication to every aspect, from thoughtfully selected ingredients to the artistic presentation of each product. Our commitment extends to minimizing environmental impact by eliminating plastic packaging and harmful ingredients, contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution, biodiversity protection, and deforestation mitigation. Choosing Parrotfish means supporting a small business with a vision, a mission, and a commitment to creating positive change in the world.