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lotion bars

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This bar will coat your hands in moisturizing butters or you can also rub the bar onto wet skin after you shave. This scent is the perfect mix of floral and fruity and has notes of violet, strawberry, jasmine, vanilla, and musk.

Petal to the Metal Lotion Bar
Daisy Chain

Ingredients: Beeswax, mango butter, almond oil, fragrance

Parrotfish uses EcoEnclose boxes and Noissue tissue paper as cushioning. The boxes are 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial content as well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable. The tissue paper is printed with soy-based ink and the tissue is completely acid free and FSC Certified.
Everything from our shipping labels to our stickers are made with fully recyclable paper. Not only can they be made with 100% post-consumer waste, they also arrive to us on a unique and innovative zero waste release liner that is 100% recycled AND 100% curbside recyclable. 
For a reduced carbon footprint, our products are shipped with USPS, using existing postal routes. On average, this will have a smaller carbon footprint than driving to the store.