How Hard is it to Make the Switch to a Shampoo Bar?

How Hard is it to Make the Switch to a Shampoo Bar?

When I first wanted to retire the plastic out of my daily routine, it didn’t happen overnight. I still don’t have a completely zero waste lifestyle, but through baby steps and small changes I am conquering plastic free living one switch at a time.

It took me a while to get used to bringing my own bag, having a reusable water bottle on hand and keeping metal utensils at work for lunch. However, one of the easiest transitions for me was to begin using shampoo bars. It really was no different than liquid shampoo, and if you have ever used bar soap in your life, the process of lathering up your hands will not be foreign.

There are two ways to use a shampoo bar: rub the bar directly on your hair, or lather it in your hands. After you're done, store the bar on a soap saver out of direct contact with water in order to prolong its life. 

Understanding the vast world of shampoo bars also requires some adjustment time. Between learning the new companies that offer shampoo bars and learning the difference between natural and synthetic bars, where do you even start?! It can be overwhelming at first, however, Parrotfish strives to make these differences transparent. 

Parrotfish carries both all-natural shampoo bars, as well as those that contain safe synthetic ingredients. All-natural shampoos don't lather as much as commercial, liquid shampoos. Synthetic shampoo bars are more closely aligned with the shampoos you find at the store. 

Please comment below to let me, as well as others, know your experiences or concerns about switching to a shampoo bar.

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