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Shower Steamers, The Bath Bomb For Your Shower

A shower steamer is a bath bomb for your shower, releasing aroma as it's activated by water. Simply place your steamer in the shower where you're sure water will hit it, and let it do its thing.

Parrotifsh's cofounder, Brittany, created our Eucalyptus Tea Tree Shower Steamers to decongest her sons during cold and flu seasons. She combined eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils with baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and witch hazel to form a steamer. She puts her two little boys in the shower with a steamer to help loosen the mucus in their chests. Each steamer will last the length of one shower, so when the steamer is finished – so is the shower. "Both of my sons get extremely stuffed up when autumn arrives, so this steamer is a lifesaver for me. I don't have to bargain with them to take medicine or chase them around the house to blow their nose," Brittany explains. Now, her sons have started asking for a steamer during other shower times. Their joy brought her to create two additional scents – Chamomile Blossom (chamomile and lavender essential oils) and Pomelo Posy (grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils). Now, the boys enjoy washing off and get excited when they choose their shower scent.

You may notice that shower steamers have a more fragrant scent than bath bombs. This added aroma is because when using the steamer, your nose is 5+ feet away from it, unlike bath bombs, where you are typically nose-level with the product. It may seem like the scent is too much when holding the steamer up to your nose, but when the product is in action – it has just the right amount of aroma to fill your shower with decadent smells. Although these steamers will not expire, the scent can dissipate over time if not kept in an airtight container. These are not designed to go in your bath or on the skin.

Shower steamers also save water when compared to a bath bomb. On average, a bath requires 50 gallons of water, while a shower uses 2.5 gallons per minute. So, a 10-minute shower using one of our steamers will use half the amount of water and provide the same spa-like atmosphere! Additionally, If we all cut our shower time by one minute, we would save 165 billion gallons of water annually. That's almost 250,000 Olympic-size swimming pools!