Men's Favorite 3-in-1 Shampoo Bar

My husband tried Parrotfish's Rosemary Apple Cider bar to wash his hair, face, and body. He immediately fell in love – claiming this product as his favorite hair and skin product.

We have been plastic free in our shower for the past few years, so there was no hurdle for him to get over the mental block of a shampoo bar. We have been using the Argan Cleanse bar for a while, but when he realized Parrotfish sold a bar that was a 3 in 1, he looked at me with disbelief that I hadn't told him about this bar sooner.

At first, he could only focus on how good the rosemary essential oil smell was. Used in aromatherapy, rosemary's woody and evergreen scent can promote relaxation and boost focus. Additionally, rosemary essential oil is also known to help stimulate hair growth, relieve pain, and reduce joint inflammation. 

Next, he showered, just like usual, using the bar directly on his hair and body and lathering it into his hands to wash his face.

The bar nourished his hair, and the apple cider vinegar is rich in amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts and helped to restore the natural pH balance of his hair and skin, keeping moisture in and irritants out. The spinach extract contains nourishing vitamins and minerals and naturally gives the bar its green hue, and the calming rosemary essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help hydrate skin and control sebum production.

Being in the military, he goes on detachments regularly. He was excited to bring this bar with him when he traveled next – it would take up less space in his bag, and to have a product that does double duty as a body and hair bar is a win in his book! 

Because of his love of this travel-friendly 3-in-1 bar, he brought it to his squadron and shared the excitement. Now, his entire unit is hooked on Parrotfish's Rosemary Apple Cider bars. So, if you come across a Marine smelling of rosemary with luscious hair and smooth skin, you can thank Parrotfish.