Synthetic vs. Natural Shampoo Bars

When you enter the world of shampoo bars, it might be hard for you to make your decision on your first shampoo bar.

Parrotfish sells safe synthetic shampoo bars to help make people's transition to a plastic-free personal care routine a little easier.  

Synthetic Shampoo Bars

If you love suds, check out our argan cleanse shampoo bar. This bar is the closest to commercial shampoo you can currently purchase at the store. Minimal transition is needed to switch from the liquid stuff to this mighty bar. Just lather it in your hands and then run them through your hair. It's that easy!

Our shampoo bars are created with Sodium Coco Sulfate, a natural cleanser from coconut oil. Sulfates are essential to remove these, but you don't want too strong of a cleanser, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the ingredient in most commercial liquid shampoos. High concentrations of SLS are commonly found in floor cleaners and detergents due to their effectiveness in stripping and removing oils. In comparison, Sodium Coco sulfate has a natural balance of fatty acids that your hair and scalp crave. We also enrich our shampoo bars with other natural oils for your hair's optimal rich acid profile. A synthetic ingredient does not speak to the quality or safety of an ingredient; it just means something that is not found and harvested directly from nature.

All-Natural Shampoo Bars

For those that want all-natural shampoo bars, such as our rosemary apple cider bar, these might take a bit of adjusting. Although many customers have no adjustment period at all, others may feel their hair is extra greasy or heavy. You also might have to rinse more thoroughly. This is because commercial shampoos strip away your natural protective oils. When you switch to a natural cleansing bar, your scalp needs time to re-balance its oil production. The length of time varies for each individual. Ultimately, it's a matter of preference for which bar you want to use. What matters most is that you're creating a world where one less shampoo bottle will end up in a landfill or possibly the ocean!