Why Parrotfish Are Essential to the Health of Our Oceans

Introducing the namesake of our company, parrotfish - a colorful and unique fish essential to our oceans' health. These living works of art use their beak-like teeth to clean up coral reefs by eating all the algae that grow on them. Without parrotfish, the coral reefs would be at risk of overgrowth and smothering.

Why Parrotfish Are Vital to Coral Reefs

Parrotfish are masters at cleaning up coral reefs. They use their beak-like teeth to scrape away algae, keeping the coral reefs healthy and thriving. Algae can block the sunlight that the coral needs to survive and release toxic chemicals that harm the coral and other sea creatures. Parrotfish eat so much algae that they can remove up to 90% of it from a reef in just a few weeks!

The Importance of Parrotfish Sand

Also, when a parrotfish eats dead coral, it grinds it up with its powerful teeth and jaws. Then, the coral goes through the fish's digestive system, where all the yummy bits are extracted. But what's left over is a lot of calcium carbonate - the stuff that makes up coral reefs and sand.


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So, what does the parrotfish do with all that extra calcium? It excretes it in the form of sand! That's right - those tiny grains of sand that you feel between your toes at the beach? They might have come from a parrotfish's rear end. But why is parrotfish sand so important?


For one thing, it helps to create new beaches and shorelines. As parrotfish swim around, they poop out sand all over the place, helping to build up new land where there was once just ocean. Plus, all that sand can help to protect coral reefs from waves and storms, giving them a better chance of survival.

Our Mission

Just as the parrotfish is essential to the health of coral reefs, our goal is to foster a community that makes choices to better the world that all organisms inhabit, starting with personal care. We believe that small choices can make a big impact, and we're committed to creating products that are good for you and good for the planet. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, more sustainable world!

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