Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Relieve your daily tension or just take a break to focus on self care. With our range of essential oil shower steamers made to relax and rejuvenate, take time to stimulate your senses and calm your mind.

  • eucalyptus shower steamer - Parrotfish
    eucalyptus shower steamer - Parrotfish
    eucalyptus shower steamer

    eucalyptus shower steamer


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  • chamomile blossom shower steamers - Parrotfish
    chamomile blossom shower steamers - Parrotfish
    chamomile blossom shower steamers

    chamomile blossom shower steamers


    Regular price $30.00
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  • Shower Steamer Bundle
  • Shower Steamer Bundle
  • Shower Steamer Bundle
  • Shower Steamer Bundle
  • Shower Steamer Bundle
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Key Ingredients

  • Palm Oil Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Zero Waste

  • Made in the USA

  • Vegan

  • Naturally Dyed

  • eucalyptus essential oil

    Clear your mind and relieve congestion while eliminating harmful airborne bacteria.

  • tea tree oil

    This immunity-boosting oil fights infections and relieves congestion. 

  • chamomile essential oil

    This herb is associated with promoting relaxation, relieving tension and aiding in a good night’s sleep.

  • lavender essential oil

    Brings calming and relaxing properties that can soothe stress, tension and unease.

  • "Enjoy a hot and steamy shower for two with Parrotfish’s new Shower Steamers. Made from natural ingredients, these steamers are both beneficial for you and kind to our planet."

  • "Even the most-rushed of showers can become a spa-like experience with one of these steamers."

  • "These steam-activated cakes of essential oils from the zero-waste brand Parrotfish are like bath bombs for the shower set."

Our Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Welcome to our collection of self-care essentials at Parrotfish, where we specialize in creating moments of bliss and relaxation in your daily routine. Elevate your shower experience with our range of essential oil shower steamers, designed for those who cherish indulgence and wellness in equal measure.

Why Choose Essential Oil Shower Steamers?

In today's fast-paced world, finding time for relaxation and self-care can be challenging. Our essential oil shower steamers offer a quick, yet profoundly rejuvenating escape, transforming your ordinary shower into a luxurious spa experience. Infused with pure essential oils, each shower steamer releases therapeutic aromas that envelop you, promoting relaxation, invigoration, and a deep sense of well-being.

The Power of Pure Essential Oils

Crafted with the highest quality essential oils, our shower steamers are more than just a fragrant addition to your shower. They're a sensory journey that supports mood enhancement, stress relief, and holistic health. From the invigorating scent of eucalyptus to the calming essence of lavender, our collection provides a variety of aromatherapeutic benefits tailored to meet your mood and wellness needs.

Embrace Sustainable Self-Care

At Parrotfish, we're committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Our essential oil shower steamers are made with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, ensuring that your self-care routine not only benefits you but also has a positive impact on the planet.

Transform Your Shower into a Spa Retreat

Why wait for a spa day when you can enjoy a spa-like experience every time you shower? With our essential oil shower steamers, every shower is an opportunity to pamper yourself, elevate your mood, and embrace the art of self-care. Shop our collection today and turn your shower routine into a luxurious, rejuvenating ritual.

Meet the Founder of Parrotfish

I was inspired by my plastic-free journey during my time as a graphic designer at National Geographic. However, when I decided to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, I encountered the challenge of a prolonged adjustment period with many shampoo bars on the market.In response, I established Parrotfish, blending my passion for artistry, environmental consciousness, clean ingredients, and self-care to craft a distinctive and meaningful experience for others. A central focus was ensuring that transitioning from a liquid product to a bar was always seamless. Sustainability is the cornerstone of Parrotfish's brand identity, reflected in my dedication to every aspect, from thoughtfully selected ingredients to the artistic presentation of each product. Our commitment extends to minimizing environmental impact by eliminating plastic packaging and harmful ingredients, contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution, biodiversity protection, and deforestation mitigation. Choosing Parrotfish means supporting a small business with a vision, a mission, and a commitment to creating positive change in the world.