You Don't Have to be This Perfect Eco-Warrior

Transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle can be difficult. It requires purchasing new items you're not used to, giving up old habits, and creating new ones. However, there is no need to beat yourself up because your waiter gave you a straw, and now you don't know what to do with it, or you forgot your reusable water bottle, and now you're thirsty!

I initially started Parrotfish because of the growing damage done by plastic pollution. However, after trying to lessen my plastic waste, I realized it gave me more control over the aesthetic of my space. Going plastic-free gives you a chance to throw away those ugly, branded containers and replace them with items that bring you joy. It allowed me to ditch my plastic bottles and showcase a handmade bar that always strikes a conversation.

Remember to take it one day at a time. Tackle one plastic item and then move on to the next. Before you know it you will feel naked when I go to the store without my reusable bag. Don't stress yourself out, and enjoy the journey.