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  • hair care bundle - Parrotfish
  • hair care bundle - Parrotfish
  • hair care bundle - Parrotfish
  • hair care bundle - Parrotfish

hair care bundle

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Free from plastic, palm oil and animal testing.
Full of clean ethical ingredients!
Good for daily shampooing or chemically treated hair.

Rejoice in clean roots with this hair care bundle. Switching to a shampoo bar a breeze with our argan or peppermint shampoo and conditioner bars. 

Our moisturizing argan oil shampoo is great for normal to dry hair, wonderfully sudsy, super clean and contains all-natural ingredients including argan oil, known to help prevent dryness; coconut oil, which helps seal moisture in the hair; and cocoa butter, which helps maintain long-lasting hydration. Next, restore moisture, shine and luster to your hair - while treating your scalp to TLC - with our argan conditioner bar. This detangling conditioner is purely concentrated with all-natural argan, coconut and jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. It will help moisturize your hair and keep healthy oil production without weighing down your hair.

Our peppermint shampoo bar is best for normal to oily hair, It is invigorating,  clarifying, and will create a wonderfully foamy lather that won't strip your hair of its natural oils. The all-natural peppermint leaf essential oil soothes an itchy scalp while absorbing excess oil. Coconut oil helps seal moisture, while cocoa butter nourishes the hair. Next, apply our peppermint conditioner bar and moisturize your strands with jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E - without weighing them down or ever feeling "greasy." Vitamin E is added to support scalp health with its natural antioxidant effects, and jojoba oil helps maintain your scalp's natural oil.

All bars are good for daily shampooing and safe for chemically treated hair.

Product Descriptions:

argan shampoo
Moisturizing argan oil shampoo bar with notes of bamboo, pine and peppercorn.

peppermint shampoo
Clarifying shampoo bar with peppermint leaf essential oil.

argan conditioner
Moisturizing argan oil conditioner bar with notes of bamboo, pine and peppercorn.

peppermint conditioner
Clarifying conditioner bar with peppermint leaf essential oil.

How to use:

There are two ways to use a shampoo bar: rub the wet bar directly on your hair, or lather it in your hands. Next, gently massage the shampoo bar into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo.

Our conditioner bars only need a thin coat to condition and comb through your hair, since your hair was never stripped of oils in the first place. After your hair is thoroughly coated with conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to brush the product through your hair to evenly distribute the product. For extra moisturizing power, apply a small amount of the conditioner bar after you get out of the shower to your towel-dried hair as a leave-in treatment.

What it does for the planet:

Each bar lasts as long as 3 liquid 12 fl. oz. bottles, it takes 5x less energy to produce bar soap vs. liquid soap, and we use 30% less water when washing with bar soap.

Additionally, Parrotfish uses boxes that are 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial content as well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable.

For a reduced carbon footprint, our products are shipped with USPS, using existing postal routes. On average, this will have a smaller carbon footprint than driving to the store.

  • Palm Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Made in the USA

key ingredients

  • coconut oil

    Helps seal moisture in the hair and prevent a dry scalp, as well as split ends and hair breakage.

  • cocoa butter

    Nourishes the hair, while soothing and supporting scalp health, helping to maintain long-lasting hydration.

  • sodium coco sulfate

    Made from a blend of the fatty acids in coconut oil and used in our shampoo bars. It is milder than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, while still producing a sudsy lather.

  • behentrimonium methosulfate

    Made from rapeseed oil, it is non-irritating and used in our conditioner bars to soften the hair and reduce static and frizz without causing build-up.

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    coconut coir soap saver

    coconut coir soap saver


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    cotton soap saver pouch - Parrotfish
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    cotton shower pouf - Parrotfish
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Betsy S
Big Fan

The shampoo bar is my favorite. I first bought one several years ago at the craft fair when I worked at National Geographic and have thought about it ever since but I know Parrotfish was sort of on hiatus for a little afterwards. SO happy to get back to it, the shampoo bar is perfectly sudsy and smells amazing. The conditioner bar is less sudsy, which is expected, but very smooth.

Ellen Ruane
I love Argan Cleanse!

I learned about Parrotfish products through LifiBifi and I'm a huge fan. I love way the cleanse bar suds up and rinses so cleanly. I have long thick hair and it works perfectly, better than any other shampoo bar I've ever tried. Amazing. Strongly endorse the product and the company mission!

Juliet LaVigne
So satisfying

The shampoo lathers so well! I was really skeptical when I first got it since I’ve tried other bar shampoos but this bar lathers up amazingly! A little goes a long way which is saying something since my hair is down to my waist. The conditioner is smooth and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. My hair feels squeaky clean and silky smooth after using this bundle and I 100% recommend!

Katie p
It makes my hair really shiny and soft.

I love the ease of using these bars to shampoo and condition my hair. They smell great but the scent isn’t TOO strong so it doesn’t irritate the people around me.

Alma Burgos
Pleasantly Surprised

I was excited yet skeptical when I received my order but as soon as I washed and conditooned my hair I fell in love with this product. Shampoo did not leave my hair feeling matted like other liquid products I've
used. The conditioner left my hair soft and light, detangled. Very impressive. Nice light scent. Love that there is no plastic. Highly recommend it.